Attack of the Rotten Tomatoes attacks: A League of Their Own

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There is no crying in baseball, but there may be some tears after Attack of the Rotten Tomatoes is finished remaking the beloved feature film A League of Their Own!

Saturday, September 9th at 9pm, we are back to take on a movie classic chosen by the audience! If you have TNT, then you have seen the Rockford Peaches take on baseball just about every Sunday for the past ten years. It’s a tale as old as time: Two sisters get scouted for an all-lady baseball team during a world war. You know…that old chestnut. Now the cast of Attack of the Rotten Tomatoes is going to take this cherished story and, thanks to your suggestions, create something entirely new!

We might throw a couple foul balls, but by the end, it’s going to be a grand slam. Get your tickets now because this is not going to be on TNT.


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