Tina Rose

Tina is a graduate of FCI and plays in our House Team League Fridays at 9pm.

Tina works in SDSU’s library, but she cannot fulfill your sexy librarian fantasy because she’s technically not a librarian. She has her MFA in creative writing and is passionate about creating art and telling stories via a variety of forms including improv and novellas and instagram (the latter is especially true when she hasn’t gotten stage time in a while and needs to feel the validation of having people’s eyes on her).

She’s from the Beast Coast and tells everyone that it’s the best coast, that her heart belongs to Philly, and that she’ll probably never move back. She loves reading, laughing, learning, watching sports, abruptly switching emotions, wearing crop tops and dresses, and oversharing but she cannot fulfill your manic pixie dream girl fantasy because she’s technically a real live human. Go Birds!