POSTPONED – The June – July 2017 run of Twistered! has been postponed.  We will announce the updated dates very soon!  Thank you for understanding!

Written by Marc Warzecha.  Presented by Finest City Improv
Saturdays at 9pm. Opens June 17, 2017

We’re definitely not in Kansas, anymore, Toto! And why would you want to be when there’s the absolutely fabulous Land of Oz!?

What happens when you take the beloved traditional tale of The Wizard of Oz, add some politically incorrect jokes, and stand the whole thing on its head? Why, it’s the uproariously entertaining Twistered, of course!

With gender-bending hilarity around every corner, song lyrics that would make your grandma cringe, and surprise audience participation (spoiler alert!), this twist on the classic story will keep you rolling in the aisles all night long.

Follow us down the yellow brick road as we choose a cowardly lion from the audience to round out our 6 person cast and watch in amazement as this wickedly clever musical “combines the book, the movie, and a bunch of other shit we made up last night at Applebee’s”.

Remember… there’s no place like home! If your home is as fabulous as Oz! Come be fabulous!!!

Choose your adventure!

CAST & Crew

Written by Mark Warzecha (Second City)
Music by Dan Wessels
Produced by Amy Lisewski (Finest City Improv)
Directed by James P. Darvas

Amanda Nachman
Jesse Suphan
Loki Ekaika
Patrick Mayuyu
Erica Clermont
Amber Largent
and you?!


Stage Manager: Skyler Lee