Meet May’s Student Spotlight– Page Carman!

Page came to us in September of 2014. With a smile on her face, she quickly became known around FCI for seeing shows almost every night and becoming fast friends with her fellow students.

We have seen a huge change in Page since we first met her. One of my favorite moments with her was at the 2016 San Diego Improv Festival, in a workshop with Susan Messing. She made Susan laugh so hard with her truthful style and say anything ways.

That is why we are proud to shine the student spotlight on the one and only, Page!

One Comment on “Meet May’s Student Spotlight– Page Carman!”

  1. Fantastic self growth
    I love her statement
    That’s when the learning happens, when you teach others.

    Way to go Page!

    Page is an amazing person, so much to share and she’s real.

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