He’s no April Fool, He’s Jon Wright, Student Spotlight!

Jon Wright is a quiet force, but a natural on the stage! He is consistently impressive with his comedic timing and dry wit. He is also one of our newest ensemble members on team Willis!

This is…Jon Wright!

Jon has lived in San Diego his whole life. He is a graduate from San Diego State university with a degree in communication. After college, he worked for Turning Point Nutrition and Probrew Coffee in their marketing department creating content for various media networks. Outside of improv, he loves the Beach, which is why he currently works at the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club planning events. Baseball and skateboarding are near and dear to his heart because he¬†grew up doing both. When he’s not doing improv, he’s probably at the Gun Range, planning for Comic Con, drunk ghost hunting or with his dog, Jake. If he could, he would be a Professional competitive Food Eater!

To learn more about Jon’s journey, or to start one yourself, check out our classes page, and snag yourself a spot in our next Discover Improv class!

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