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Jennifer Borba Von Stauffenberg This Friday!

This Friday, September 5 @ 8PM the cast of the World According To...! will be joined by Public Relations guru Jennifer Borba Von Stauffenberg! Jennifer is the President of Olive PR Solutions, and is all things a PR guru should be - personable, assertive, insightful and accountable.

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"This class has been one of the most eye opening, encouraging, and hysterical experiences I've ever had."

Teen Improv Class to begin September 6th!

Your talented teen needs a theatre that promotes creativity, performance and fun! Finest City Improv is your family’s new home to help your student train like the pros. We promote…

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Take the #100HappyImprovDays countdown challenge!

Its hard to believe that almost 1 year ago, Finest City Improv broke ground on their very own theater in North Park, San Diego! And what better way to commemorate the event than to launch an epic countdown challenge!

Are you up for the #100HappyImprovDays challenge?