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Consider Finest City Improv your Halloween destination. We'll have spooky shows, tempting drink specials and scary surprises all weekend long. Learn more, and laugh with us this Halloween!

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"This class has been one of the most eye opening, encouraging, and hysterical experiences I've ever had."

Are you the next great comedian? Comedy improv class for teens starts November 1st!

Whether your goal is to be the next Will Ferrell or Amy Poehler, or, you just want to just make new friends – our comedy improv class is for you! For students ages 12-17, our teen class teaches the essentials of improvisation to create hilarious comedy on the spot. Read More...

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5 Key Leadership Skills That You Can Develop with Laughter

Leadership takes courage, grit, and a sense of humor in tough times. As a performer of improvisational comedy, I regularly practice building all three of these things both on stage and in the rehearsal room. The basic lessons i have learned in improv have helped me be a better leader. This got me thinking about how the lessons i teach to my improv students can help people become stronger leaders themselves. Here are the top 5 leadership principles that I believe improv is great at developing! Read More…