Ring the School bells, It’s March’s Single Lady–Alli Bell!

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She’s picking a husband just like her favorite karaoke song this Saturday! Sailor, Educator, baker and family lover, Alli is ready to fall in love! On March 4th at 9pm, our star students will be finding the perfect Apple of Alli’s eye through 3 acts! Act 1: Why she’s still single! Act 2: Help us find her match! Act 3: We now declare you… “Happily-ish ever after-ish!” No matter what happens, we guarantee that there will be a live wedding at the end of every show. Seriously.  

Jesse’s “5 Musts” Checklist for the SD Improv Festival!

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5 Things 5 Things 5 Things
1. Get Your #Hashtag Game On Point!You're going to be taking a lot of pictures and videos and you want to come correct with a proper hashtag presence. #SDIF2017 #SUNSOUTBUNSOUT #PBR #NEWBFF #SANDIEGOHASAMAZINGTACOS #THISAFTERPARTYWASINSANE2. Get a Swimsuit That Says Something About You!Our pool party is going to be a great place to show off your personality and political views via your swimsuit. Are you an activist for womens rights? Try an aquatic version of a 20th century suffragette! Do you love waffles? Try making an entire swim trunk out of waffles! You can swim and snack! 3. Get the Time ... Read More

SD Improv Festival welcomes former Mouseketeer TJ Mannix!

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TJ Mannix at SD Improv Festival

Festival Fans!  In just a couple weeks improvisers, teachers, and party goers will be descending on Finest City Improv for the Fourth Annual San Diego Improv Festival! This year,  Jesse is especially excited to have T.J. Mannix coming from the Magnet Theater in New York!  T.J. has been doing improv for 20 years and is the founder of the New York Musical Improv Festival.  You may have seen him before on Law and Order, Law and Order SVU, All my Children, and last but certainly not least… he was a Mouseketeer on Disney’s The Mickey Mouse Club!  Jesse says he would run home from … Read More

It’s a bird, a plane, it’s Community Spotlight on Michael Romero!

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This month, we are so excited to shine the spotlight on Michael Romero. He’s a grad, a house team performer, and team captain, and now… Finest City Improv’s guest team liaison! Michael will be working closely with all our San Diego indie teams on issues like: 1. How to maintain a team after graduation 2. How to be scheduled as a FCI guest team 3. How to promote your shows 4. How to get a coach 5. ….and so much more! Look for him regularly at the theatre, at mixers (our next one is March 1st!), or at special events he … Read More

We’re docking for love with A Single Lady– Tiffany Billings!

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tiffany single lady

We’re back just in time to get Tiffany struck by cupid’s arrow! Will this Loveboat float or sink, it will be up to the audience to decide who is Tiffany’s captain on the SS Relationship! Tiffany Billings is a sailor and marketing guru. She can be seen floating through the seas of San Diego but has yet to catch her perfect match. On February 4th at 9pm, our love divers will be changing all that as we bring Tiffany to the Finest City stage to learn more about her and who her perfect mer-man could be. Act 1: Why she’s … Read More

Wanna get Rich? Roll with us.

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More cash. More Laughs. Begin your life Rollin’ in Riches. #SDIF darlings, Rich and Rolland are back to teach a workshop and perform next weekend at Finest City Improv! Rollin’ in Riches will be bringing their amazing connection and talent to a workshop on Sunday, January 29th from 11-2pm. Improvisers that want to learn with them can register online to save their spot! For those who want to catch a show with these talented performers, you can see their show on the 28th in the 9pm block! We usually don’t get to see all the teams that we want to … Read More

FCI Joins Brave Voices of Ghostlight Project Thursday, Jan. 19, 2017

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ghostlight project

Dear Community, I’m going to need a lot of laughter to get through this Presidential transition. How about you? If you’ve seen my sketch revues or my improvisation, you know that comedy is my chosen tool for exploring the beliefs and actions that we hold dear. As they often say at The Second City, ” _______, and funny.” (brave, challenging, meaningful, important, smart, etc… you fill in the blank) Yes, I’m still wearing my Hillary shirt. At this very moment, I am especially grateful to be a part of the theater community, which is, as always, bravely exploring, understanding, and … Read More

Birds and Broads perform and teach this Saturday!

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This week’s drop is not to be missed! Plus, more laughs with their show later that night! A very special guest from Arizona is visiting us for both a show and a drop in! Their team is called Birds and Broads, and they will be performing in our Saturday night 9:30pm block! Jacque will be lending her years of improv talent to our drop in on Saturday from 5:30-7:30pm. Birds & Broads:: Jacque Arend & Liz Hutchman have been improvising together for over five years in a show called The Skewed News Hour at The Torch Theatre in Pheonix, Arizona. … Read More

16 Most Awesome Moments of 2016

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This week, we took the time to reflect on 2016 and share some of our favorite moments, events and accomplishments of 2016! Although we live in the moment on stage, it is so encouraging to look back and enjoy what we accomplished before looking forward and saying, “Yes! And…” let’s keep creating! Here are our top 16 “most awesome moments”! (not really moments but it has a great ring to it) Just one more… Lip Synch Battles!!!  Two awesome nights of absolute … ummm…. talent.  Should we do battle again this year?! We’d love to hear about your favorite shows, events, … Read More

A Single Lady Finds Love for Hudson Reynolds This Saturday!

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In 2016 we found love for eight awesome ladies.  But what about the single guys?!  The brave and sexy HUDSON REYNOLDS has agreed to put himself in our hands and find him love … in front of a live audience this Saturday, January 7th at 9pm! Hudson originally moved to San Diego County when he was stationed at Camp Pendleton while serving in the Marine Corps, but after leaving active duty two years ago he decided to call America’s Finest City home. He works in a number of professions, from event management to SAT teaching and tutoring, as he enjoys … Read More