Staying in the Moment

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How often do you find yourself uttering that phrase? For me, it’s daily. Okay . . . multiple times a day! In my team building and creativity workshops for businesses, I lead a game called “the gift giving game.” Participants give each other imaginary gifts.  It can be absolutely anything they can dream up. They even get to name the gifts they are receiving. I hear “new car”, “more money”, and all kinds of amazing trips every time I facilitate the game. One time, someone said “unlimited time” and everyone in the room had that “why didn’t i think of … Read More

Think Fast!

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thinking fast and slow

When it comes to processing information and responding to a person or situation, do you resemble the tortoise or the hare? Do you spit out the first thing that comes to you or carefully consider before speaking or acting? Myself, I have never been a fan of “slow and steady wins the race.” So, I struggle a little to let others finish their sentences. I also blurt out information that might have been better left in my head. At the same time, my ability to think quickly and act without over evaluating at times is extremely useful for brainstorming, creativity, and making … Read More

I Just Want Them To Care As Much As I Do!

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Throwing Ninja Stars to Build Trust Recently, I walked into a Vistage meeting in downtown Los Angeles that had just gotten underway.  I was there to present my interactive workshop on using improv as a tool to become a more courageous and effective leader.  As usual, I knew that my participants, though all accomplished executives, would be feeling anxious about being taught to “be witty and say funny things off the top of their heads.”  At least, that is the typical understanding of improv that I encounter and a myth I quickly have to dispel. I sat down at one of the … Read More

Yes! And…. Add more action to your life right now!

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Why do improvisers say “Yes! And…” all the time? For decades, improvisers have been studying and practicing the best techniques for creating action from unlimited possibilities to “create something wonderful right away.” When we begin a scene we have absolutely no idea what is going to happen. We simply get a suggestion from the audience for inspiration and we just begin acting. And acting, by definition, is doing. We make a single choice or “offer” and build on it over and over again. In effect, we are rapid prototyping on stage! We do this every single show and never run out of … Read More

The Pressure is on. Do you EXPLODE or SHINE?

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Pressure.  We feel it every time we have an IMPORTANT meeting or a BIG presentation. These are the moments that we lose sleep over.  Our heart begins to race, our palms sweat, or minds begin racing, our legs become weak, our stomach does flips. We are like a balloon being forced with more and more pressure until it is ready to burst. And, then, once we finally “get through” the BIG IMPORTANT moment, we lose even more sleep tallying all the things we could have done better! I, myself, am in the beginnings of that cycle right now! Tomorrow night I will … Read More

Let go. Notice more. Use everything.

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What is around you? Right now.  What do you notice? At this very moment. How valuable is this all?  I’ll wait… As improvisers, we aim to let go of our agendas and “notice more.” We practice being fully present so we can notice what is happening in every moment as we build scenes. We look for every offer, pick up on tiny changes in body language, and listen for shades of meaning. Everything we notice we honor and use in our scenes, because everything we need is found right here in the moment. This past weekend I joined about 200 … Read More

The Value of Vulnerability

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One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned from of improvisation is the value of vulnerability. I have always identified as a strong, fearless, and independent woman. I take charge and make things happen, and I love this about myself! Unfortunately, this attitude has sometimes made it hard for me to let people help me when I’ve needed it. At times, this has kept me from enjoying meaningful connections with others that could have made my life so much richer and easier.  By embracing the principles of improv, and practicing them on and off stage, I have gained the ability to share my … Read More

Listen to Amy Lisewski on “She Means Business”

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Amy Lisewski, owner and artistic director, speaks with Felena Hanson on She Means Business radio show! Each week, Felena Hanson, founder of Hera Hub, interviews incredible business women from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines for Hera Hub’s new podcast She Means Business. Her goal is simple… tell the amazing stories of how these women came to launch and grow their business. She uncovers their secrets to success and their advice to others who are launching a new adventure. Subscribe to She Means Business on iTunes here.

Amy Lisewski on Women Leading the Way Radio

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Recently, Amy Lisewski and Michelle Bergquist, founder of Connected Women of Influence took time to talk about how improvisation can be a tool for all successful business professionals, but can be especially beneficial to women. Take a moment to listen in and hear more about the art of “Yes! And…” thinking. Check Out Business Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Connected Women of Influence on BlogTalkRadio

5 Key Leadership Skills That You Can Develop with Laughter

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Christine and Chris (1)

Leadership takes courage, grit, and a sense of humor in tough times. As a performer of improvisational comedy, I regularly practice building all three of these things both on stage and in the rehearsal room. The basic lessons i have learned in improv have helped me be a better leader. This got me thinking about how the lessons i teach to my improv students can help people become stronger leaders themselves. Here are the top 5 leadership principles that I believe improv is great at developing! Read More…

I don’t want to bark like a dog!

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Last week I worked with a group from a nonprofit organization and they had a blast learning how to strengthen relationships amongst their team and with their clients. After the workshop, one participant stopped to thank me and let me know how relieved she was that she didn’t have to “bark like a dog in front of people.” Like many people that have never done improv, she was very nervous leading up to the workshop.

Founder of Finest City Improv, Amy Lisewski, Teaches Masterclass!

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Moment Amy Workshop

  Amy Lisewski, founder of Finest City Improv, will be teaching a three-hour workshop titled “Love This Very Moment” on October 8th from 11am-2pm. Love more of your scenes by living fully in each moment with your scene partner(s).  Forget being interesting to your audience and simply be interested in your scene partner.  Double down on active listening, agreement, and responding fully to what you are gifted. Amy will guide you through exercises that will help you become more invested in your scene partner(s), which will lead to more juicy and yes… interesting… scenes. You will practice letting go, noticing … Read More

Attack of the Rotten Tomoates Attacks… Hocus Pocus!

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Attack of the Rotten Tomatoes dvd show template for VBO and blog

It all starts with a whiff of pumpkin spice. Before you know it, you’re carving jack-o-lanterns and stocking up on mini Snickers bars — for the Trick-or-Treaters, of course. That’s right – Halloween is in the air! That means the Sanderson Sisters are back, and there is hell to pay! Let’s be real. It is not officially Halloween until you watch the film Hocus Pocus. This October, Attack of The Rotten Tomatoes is taking a crack at the lovable cult classic, with a brand new telling of the tale about three witches back from the dead to suck the lives … Read More

San Diego Favorites “Skyjammer” Return!

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Skyjammer, the popular improv rap troupe from Los Angeles, will join us September 23rd for a show that will leave you rapping and singing and laughing along! To witness the incredible, hilarious way they weave characters and music together on stage, mark your calendars for September 23rd at 9pm. Skyjammer is also bringing their improv rap style to a workshop on September 24th from 11-2pm. There are just a few spots left in the workshop. Snag them before they’re gone! Improv experience is necessary to join, but no musical experience is required. Join us! SKYJAMMER is longform improv plus rap plus thyme plus … Read More

“Asperger’s Are Us” world tour is coming to Finest City!

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Asperger's Are Us

What do these four guys from the North Shore of Massachusetts have in common? They’re all hilarious! Asperger’s Are Us, a sketch comedy troupe from New England, starred in the documentary “Asperger’s Are Us,” which premiered in SXSW Film Festival and can currently be found on Netflix. The documentary focuses on “the first comedy troupe consisting of openly autistic people.” Asperger’s Are Us joins us on October 1st at 8pm as part of their international tour. This is their only date in San Diego, so take advantage of this amazing opportunity. Check out the Netflix Documentary trailer here, then come see them … Read More

Attack of the Rotten Tomatoes attacks: A League of Their Own

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Attack of the Rotten Tomatoes dvd show template for VBO and blog

There is no crying in baseball, but there may be some tears after Attack of the Rotten Tomatoes is finished remaking the beloved feature film A League of Their Own! Saturday, September 9th at 9pm, we are back to take on a movie classic chosen by the audience! If you have TNT, then you have seen the Rockford Peaches take on baseball just about every Sunday for the past ten years. It’s a tale as old as time: Two sisters get scouted for an all-lady baseball team during a world war. You know…that old chestnut. Now the cast of Attack of the Rotten … Read More

From Podcast to Performer: It’s Tommie’s Community Spotlight!

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Community Spotlight Web and Blog Image (720-405) (1)

  Tommie is one beautiful lady in charge! How did she sharpen her communication skills, become a better listener, and find her inner strength? With Improv of course! “My only regret about Improv is that I wish I would’ve found it sooner in my life.  The lessons that I’m learning from scene work that can be applied to my personal life is invaluable.  If anyone out there identifies with being a workaholic or a perfectionist they should not think one minute longer if they need to enroll in a class!  DO IT NOW.” This gangsta rap-lovin’, red wine-drinkin’, Kansas-raised performer is … Read More

The Premiere of The Attack of the Rotten Tomatoes!

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improvised movie show

In a world where [noun] is the biggest blockbuster movie, a new [adjective] show has arrived to [expletive] it all up… Finest City Improv is taking blockbuster movies off of the screen and onto our stage with the help of the audience in this interactive, totally upside down, and absolutely uproarious show! Like a blockbuster movie gone horribly wrong, Attack of the Rotten Tomatoes is a new improvised show where we take the movies you fondly remember and—with suggestions from YOU, our audience—mutate and mangle them into hilarious abominations that would make M. Night Shyamalan say “Even I didn’t see … Read More

They call her Dr. Love: It’s September’s Single Lady DJ Sims!

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Single Lady DJ

She’s smart as hell, beautiful as a summer’s day, and can enjoy a good sci-fi thriller with the best. On September 2nd at 9pm, we bring DJ Sims to the stage, and she’s gonna be raising blood pressures (and then telling you how a balanced diet and light exercise will bring it back down). She is looking for a good man…STAT! We will be putting on a parade to determine: Act 1: Why she’s still single! Act 2: Help us find her match! Act 3: We now declare you… “Happily-ish ever after-ish!”   More about DJ: Dr. DJ currently serves as an Assistant … Read More

Laugh & Learn with Kitchen Closed!

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Hughie Stone Masterclass

On August 19th, Finest City Improv is proud to showcase the comedic stylings of Kitchen Closed. Hailing from the ioWest theatre,  Kitchen Closed is a comedic rap-hip hop troupe. Comedic. Rap. Hip-Hop. Troupe. All of those words are amazing separately — imagine them together!? The talented cas includes: Choni Francis, Keenan Montgomery, Jorge Berrios, Chris Trovador, John Ryan, Laci Mosley, Hughie Stone Fish. Due to popularity and this special appearance, we expect large crowds for their show, so make sure to get your tickets in advance! Learn with some of Los Angeles’ best! It doesn’t stop at a performance! Two of the cast members will … Read More

Level 1 Intensive: All the fun of a class in one weekend!

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Level 1 express

Finest City Improv is proud to host our first Level 1 weekend intensive! We are offering a jam-packed two days of training from 11am-4:30pm for you to get a chance to discover and play with us in a shortened amount of time. Click here to sign up now! What will this weekend be like?We will be exploring the EXACT same curriculum that we offer in the seven week course with lots of opportunity for personal development and playtime. Some of the skills that we will explore include: the theory of  “YES! AND…” thinking, heightened listening, body language, presentational skills, character work, and yes– by the … Read More