We don’t do monogamy.

Since our inception, we have partnered with local improv troupes and provided stage time for any indie team or show that wanted to play for our fantastic audiences.

We've provided more than
hours of stage time for indie teams

We presented
teams and shows since 2013

We currently have
indie teams on our schedule

We'd expect to see
more teams and shows in 2017

Speed Dating

As we’ve aged and more and more new teams courted us, we realized we needed to have a ‘speed dating’ night now and then to mix things up a bit. It’s a chance for us to find more teams for regular “dates” and you to maybe find a new match yourself. So many teams looking for players and stage time!


Daring and sexy* people that like to play with others.

*daring is sexy
**sketch created with improv counts

What We’re Looking For

  • 01

    Teams or shows that are not on our current shedule.

  • 02

    Shows that incorporate the element of improvisation in any way. **

  • 03

    People and groups that love to watch and support others as much as they like to perform.

  • 04


How to get Busy with us

Nobody likes a date that is late. Show up at 7pm to get in on the action. If you’re entire team can’t make it there by 7 we will try to be flexible.

Don’t rush home on your dates. Stick around as long as you can and see as many shows possible.

Everyone has something to offer. Keep an open mind and applaud them. A lot.

See something you like? Go ahead and approach them about joining in the next time!

We will do our best to get everyone on stage. We have to close by midnight and it is a Sunday so we’d rather not stay up past 11pm.

Each team or show will be allotted a minimum of 20 minutes. If there is more time we will extend it to 25.

We mean… get off ON stage. Leave it all out there. Have fun. Don your thang.

It’s 2016, the age of Venmo, and $5 lattes. Every participant please chip in $5 at the door!

+ click each for details.

Let’s do it!

That’s it! Get your act together and show up to one of the upcoming “open house” nights listed below. Still have questions? Contact us.


“I’ll call you…”

… maybe.

Each Open House night we will ask the audience to recommend one or two shows to date us more regularly. In other words, we will give some teams some scheduled shows on our Thursday Indie Team nights. It’s their call, not ours.