Who’s watching?

Netflix asks us this as if Netflix doesn’t ALWAYS know. Nice try, Netflix!

Politics, relationships, pop culture, Trader Joe’s…. nothing is sacred in this thematic sketch revue created by 11 hilarious improvisers with mission to get you to skip just one night of streaming videos.

Our cast watched more than
hour of streaming videos

We rewatched
shows that we liked

We posted on Facebook
spoilers about Game of Thrones

We created
minutes of comedy you'll never see on Netflix

Cast and Creators

The following people sacrificed quality couch time to work together as human beings creating comedy sketches using improvisation. #squadgoals #gameofdrones

Claire Boaz
John Boaz
Vera Didur
Jon Fink
Brian Gaul
Scott Hoffman
Amber Largent
Robin Lipton
Amanda Nachman
Jesse Suphan
Billie Volmer
Suzie Ziser

Directed by Amy Lisewski

4 Shows Only!

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