Take Improv to the Next Level in FCI’s Conservatory Program

Have you finished Level 6 but still looking for more?

Conservatory is an in-depth program that focuses primarily on personal growth in long form improv but includes instruction and practice in short form, teaching, and coaching, all essential components of a career in improvisation.

Think you’re ready to step up your improv game? Apply now! Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until August 10th. Questions? Send an email to info@finestcityimprov.com.

Apply To Conservatory!

Testimonials from students who have completed the program:

“Conservatory was a very valuable experience as it really allowed me to dig in as both a performer and improviser, in an intensive way. Since the duration of the class is longer, you get a better chance to explore, expand, and engage your improviser tool belt, with a group who is as dedicate as you are to the art. The connections that you make with you cohort also help you to settle into a comfort zone in a safe way to discover what you truly love about improv, and then carry that out to all of your other endeavors.” –Cory Brin

“In Conservatory I gained a deeper understanding of improv and better trust and confidence in my own choices. Trust the process, trust yourself, and let your work and program speak for itself.”–Jessica Farber

“FCI’s conservatory program helped me jump off of the improv cliff and really dive into the process. Having more time to focus on specific areas and approaches helped me become more vulnerable, aware, and present on stage.” — Amanda Mulder