Sketch-Prov: The Best of Both Worlds

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What happens when you combine improvisation with sketch comedy? SKETCH-PROV, of course!

Like a celebrity couple, these two beautiful forms can be blended into one stunning, paparazzi-baiting showpiece.

Sketch-prov is the idea of creating sketch comedy using “re-improvisation.” It uses traditional improvisation as an idea generator, providing inspiration for unforgettable sketch scenes. Don’t expect to be huddled around a laptop desperate to fill a blank page. This is an on-your-feet, wholly interactive class, where everyone gets involved in the fun.


Here at FCI, we’re offering a 3-part sketch-prov series!  Under the guidance of Assistant Artistic Director Jesse Suphan, you’ll learn how to take a comedic premise from improvisation and create a variety of sketch show pieces. Song, running black-outs, character piece, and silent scene are only a few of the sketch elements you’ll learn how to craft.

But don’t take our word for it. Hear from a current FCI student currently enrolled in Sketch:

I can’t recommend enough the sketch comedy track at Finest City Improv. The course gives you the tools to discover and refine sketches through improvisation. You’ll practice honing your perspective through sketches and develop unique and interesting characters. And, if you’re like me and thought it was a drawing class, stick around! You’ll be glad you did– Scott Trepper

Check out this little snippet from Scott’s class:


This could be YOU!

Intro to Sketch-Prov is registering now! Pre-requisite: Completion of Level 3 or graduate of other major improv school.

Click here for more information, or to sign up now!

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