Meet June’s Single Lady Stephanie May!

Clear away that June gloom because we’ve got a stunning single lady looking for love.

Stephanie May is an Operations Manager for a local winemaker by day, and an abstract landscape artist by night. An outgoing brunette with a big heart, this talented young woman will not only impress you with her charm, but she’ll have you salivating with her ability to describe in exquisite detail the delightful desserts she wants to create, in addition to the delicious meal she had the day before. A local San Diegan, Stephanie enjoys being outdoors, whether that be teaching art in the local mountains, or catching some sun on the beach or by the pool. She also enjoys spending time with her two younger sisters, and catching up with friends over brunch or a glass of wine.

On Saturday, June 2nd, Stephanie will be the guest of honor as the cast of A Single Lady does their best to find her perfect match!

During the show, we’ll talk to Stephanie to find out…

Act 1: Why she’s still single!

Act 2: Who is  her perfect match!

Act 3: We now declare you “Happily-sh ever after-ish!”

Think you can make Stephanie’s dreams come true? Only one way to find out! The show starts at 9pm.

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