Get Caffeinated with May’s Single Lady: Yasmine Kalhor!

Bring your Venti Cups and catch up on that latest episode of Judge Judy, as we are coming in GUILTY with another edition of our hit show A Single Lady!

For the month of May, we are featuring Yasmine Kalhor. She grew up in Huntington Beach before moving to Los Angeles to complete her degree in political science at UCLA.

She now lives in San Diego in pursuit of her Juris Doctor at USD School of Law. Since starting law school, she has made it her mission to find the best coffee shops to study in. Her current favorite? Moniker General at Liberty Station conveniently located by her second home: Trader Joe’s.

When she’s not reading case books or volunteering at the courthouse, she loves to cook, practice yoga, and watch endless episodes of Gilmore Girls. 

Come see us on May 25th at 8:30pm improvise a Happily Ever After for Yasmine!

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