Games, Games, Games: Have even more fun with our Short Form Class!

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Games, Games, Games!

Love long-form improv? Want to learn a brand new skill and snag even more stage time?

Then join us for our re-vamped Short Form Games class taught by Gary Ware!

“Short form” improv is a style all of its own, and it’s tons of fun! Learn the art of short form games and play. It’s a great addition to your long form training, or just for an extra chance to experience on stage fun in a different way. Some of the many skills taught in this elective include:
1. Confidence while hosting and setting up games
2. Ability to quickly establish strong characters and points of view
3. Learning the “hook” of games and what makes them so successful
4. Having a repertoire of new and interesting games that may include some of your favorites from “Whose Line?”

This class will have a show performance and is an exciting companion to the return of our short form show CASTAWAY!

Click here to enroll in class now starting November 6th! Classes will run Monday evenings for seven weeks.

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