Audrey Geiger

Audrey Geiger is an insurance brokerage assistant during the week, a makeup artist/hair stylist on the weekends, an I-work-from-home-so-I-don’t-need-to-put-on-real-clothes troll by day, and a stage Gumby by night. She lives with a cat and an inconsistent flossing schedule.

Born in Seattle, WA, she grew up with a funnier older brother and a bossier twin sister, surrounded by trees and other tall things. High School theater was where she found a love for performance and makeup. Retail is where she found a love for a job like Surplus Lines Insurance.

Since then, Audrey has lived in and around Seattle, Boston, MA, and most recently in San Diego. Audrey Geiger joined the Finest City Improv family in February of 2018. As a Finest City Training Center Graduate, Audrey avoids the gym and other responsibilities by playing with house team Fjordache, Scorpio Moon, Sticky Blonde, Terra Squad and Yer Baby. 

Instagram: @nerdrey